Snoots Dog Training

Teaching the person and the pooch

The majority of your dog’s learning should come from YOU. That’s why at Snoots Dog Training we don’t just teach your furry companion, we’ll also teach YOU! 

It’s all well and good that your dog responds well to an experienced dog handler and trainer, but what about the rest of the week when they’re not there? Worry not, we’ll teach you and your family how to provide the guidance and leadership required so that your beloved furry friend develops into a well-trained and balanced pooch that will be a pleasure to be around.

Personalised training

We’re aware that the needs of each and every owner and dog vary. That’s why at Snoots Dog Training we tailor the training to achieve the best results in the most efficient, fun and stress-free way. We’ll help you understand your dog so you can best cater to their needs and improve their behaviour.

And the sooner you don’t need us, the better we’ve done! 

You’re not alone

Just because you’ve finished a training session doesn’t mean that you’re on your own! A trainer is on hand to reply to messages and emails when additional support and advice is needed. 

So what now?

If you’ve read this far it’s safe to assume that you want to mould your puppy into a well-trained and obedient dog or that you need help eradicating your dog’s already existing behavioural issues!

That’s where Snoots Dog Training comes in.  We teach you how to communicate what behaviours you expect from your dog and for your dog to respond willingly. Both you and your pooch will gain confidence and see results straight away. That means that a huge change is just a free consultation away!