Why Snoots Dog Boarding

We know that you love your dog like family, and so do we! That’s why Snoots Dog Training offers home boarding in a loving family environment in Paddington, West London with me (Matt), my girlfriend Bella and our whippet Roger (the master of napping and chillin’).

We accept a maximum of one doggy guest at a time so you can rest assured that they get the attention they need and deserve. Your beloved furry friend will also benefit from:

  • A structured daily routine
  • Being treated as a member of our family
  • Exposure to different environments
  • Having the opportunity to practice their loose lead walking, the art of doing nothing around dogs and to improve their recall!
  • Competitive pricing (although I’m sure your pooch won’t put their paws in their pockets)
  • Fully insured (🥱🥱🥱 boring but necessary)


Midweek – £50 per night up to a 24 hour period.

Weekend – £60 per night up to a 24 hour period.

* Subject to availability
* Training package subscribers may be entitled to a cheeky little discount… 😉😉😉

Why not other dog boarders?

The rapid increase in the pooch population has meant that there’s a greater demand for doggy day care and doggy boarding. However, if not carefully managed doggy day care and boarding can have an adverse impact on your dog. Because of the often uncontrolled management of dogs at such places your dog may exhibit some of the following symptoms:

  • Less interest in you upon your return
  • Worsened recall
  • Lead pulling
  • Reactivity to dogs
  • A reduced ability to chill
  • Behavioural issues from over-stimulation
  • Resource guarding

Avoid all of the above and enjoy your holiday with peace of mind by boarding with Snoots Dog Boarding!

Worth noting…

You will have to provide your dog’s food for the entirety of their stay, especially if they are sensitive to dietary changes (although bones, treats and goodies are on us!). If your pooch has a prolonged stay, not to worry, we can discuss individual requirements.

We cannot accept human-aggressive or dog-aggressive pets in our boarding service.

Importantly, this is not residential dog training. Whilst your dog will undeniably have the benefit of living with a trainer, a well-mannered dog and a very accommodating and patient girlfriend; Snoots Dog Boarding is not a replacement for dog training. However, if you and your pooch have received training with Snoots Dog Training then your dog will definitely benefit from their stay with us and will practice what we have all learnt and practiced together!

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