Training Packages

What makes us GREAT?

  • We provide a tailored one-to-one approach. We understand the failings of a one size fits all training programme.
  • We’ll teach you how to continue confidently training your dog throughout your dog’s life.
  • Training in the comfort of your own home.
  • You’ll receive post-lesson e-learning booklets with lesson reviews and top tips.
  • We provide unlimited contact with a trainer for any issues or to answer questions that you have.

Why in-home training?

This is where your dog is most of the time, this is their environment and where they should be most comfortable. A dog’s behaviour changes in new environments. Therefore, if we fix the behaviour at the root, we can start to develop desired behaviours elsewhere.

A batch of lessons or one at a time?

Rome wasn’t build in a day, nor will your dog be trained in an hour. Most dogs and owners find it more beneficial to set a tailor made program for both theirs and their pooch’s development. 

Saying that, we do offer competitive hourly rates and will happily accommodate individual needs and requests. This is the perfect option if you only want one or two sessions to build both yours and your dog’s confidence.  

High Flying Puppies & Trailblazing Pooches

Either four or eight hours of one-to-one training based on a curriculum designed to mould your puppy or dog into a balanced, well-trained and manageable companion and you into a confident and competent handler.

  • A FREE thirty minute consultation to discuss your issues, ambitions and requirements; and how Snoots Dog Training can help you.
  • Personalised training curriculum.
  • Personalised progress reports after each lesson.
  • Post lesson e-learning booklets with a lesson review, additional content and top tips.
  • Unlimited contact with your trainer outside of lessons.

This plan is perfect for young puppies, adolescents or adult dogs in need of obedience training or behavioural modification. 

By The Hour Training

Pay by the hour lessons tailored to tackle specific behavioural issues, to teach one or two commands or to build the confidence of both owner and dog.

This plan is perfect for owners who have dogs with minor issues or owners wanting a little guidance and support.